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Web design

Web design Los Angeles

A website today has to be more than a digital brochure. A well designed website is engaging and easy to read. It’s simple to navigate and to understand. It looks good on every device. It helps people to understand the value of what you offer and makes it easy to do business with you.



Project description: the company sells goods in various categories, from personal care products to household appliances

Project task: to create a unique design for the home page, the page with a list of products, product cards, registration page, shopping cart. The main wish of the client - a simple and concise design with an emphasis on products and discounts

“New Solutions”

Project description: the company "New Solutions" is a leader in the niche of new generation packaging, labeling and capping equipment

Project task: to create a unique design for a catalog website. Color scheme: white, blue, black, elements of orange.


Project description: the company specializes in the production of corrugated, micro-corrugated and uncoated boxes

Project task: to create a unique design for a business card website. Color scheme: yellow, blue, gray, white.

Result: bumtara.by

Web design Los Angeles